Shoppers' Choice 2015

The Winner:  2015 Ford Mustang

shoppers' choice award

The Ford Mustang is our Shoppers' Choice Car of the Year.   Read more

Shoppers' Choice 2015 Nominees

Dodge Durango
Pickup Truck
Ford F-150
Sports Car
Ford Mustang
Honda CR-V
Jeep Wrangler
Compact Car
Mazda Mazda3
Compact Car
Toyota Corolla
Green Car/Hybrids
Toyota Prius

Selecting the Winners

Millions of shoppers visit each month as they search for their next car, truck or SUV. While here, they make contacts with and send leads to dealers, and they often review their own cars, as well. From that user activity, we determine the top 10 cars. From there, we turn to our socially connected fans on Facebook and ask them to vote for their favorite.

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