BMW i3 -

BMW i3

MPG City: 137 ; Highway: 111

The BMW i3 is a purpose-built electric car with seating for four. Constructed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum to save weight, the i3's electric drivetrain gives it a range of 81 miles, according to the EPA, and it can be recharged in 3.5 hours on Level 2 service, which is available at many charging stations.

To alleviate the range-anxiety concerns associated with electric cars, BMW offers an available two-cylinder gas engine for the i3. The engine doesn't drive the wheels but rather maintains the lithium-ion battery when its charge is low. The engine gives the i3 a range of 150 miles total, according to the EPA.

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2014 BMW i3

MPG City: 137 Highway: 111

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