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Dodge Charger Most Popular Among '06 New Car Introductions on

The launch of the newly designed Dodge Charger was the most popular in terms of consumer searches for new car introductions in 2006, according to the most recent Consumer Search Index.

The Dodge Charger not only generated the most searches among new car introductions for the '06 model year, it also generated the most email inquiries sent by consumers to dealers. Other new car introductions for the 2006 model year that were popular among consumers included the 2006 Pontiac Solstice, Volkswagen Rabbit, Ford Fusion and the Hummer H3.

"Daimler Chrysler has had a lot of success with their distinctive sedan designs over the last several years, starting with the Chrysler 300," said Managing Editor Patrick Olsen. "The Dodge Charger continues that trend of combining a sporty look with the convenience of four doors."

Top New Car Introductions for the 2006 Model Year*
New Car Models with the most searches performed on in 2006
Top '06 New-Car Introduction Searches Top '06 New-Car Introduction Email Inquiries
1Dodge Charger1 Dodge Charger
2Pontiac Solstice2Honda Ridgeline


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