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With Gas Prices Skyrocketing, Identifies Cars that Deliver Best Bang for Your Buck

As the price of gas continues to reach record highs, more car shoppers are making fuel efficiency a top priority. While gas mileage typically takes center stage, combining the sticker price of a car with its predicted lifetime fuel cost can offer consumers a guide to their overall savings during the lifetime of a car.

"Hybrid cars get a lot of attention when gas prices start to rise. They certainly can save money at the pump and are typically better for the environment," said Patrick Olsen, managing editor. "However, not everyone can afford to own a hybrid, and some consumers have needs that are not met by hybrids. If your primary goal is to save money, there may be better options." looks at the top 10 cars in various vehicle segments that deliver the best bang for the buck based on vehicle price and average lifetime fuel costs. The Toyota Yaris tops the list with a base price slightly more than $11,000 for a two-door hatchback and average fuel economy of 34 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway.

The list was compiled by combining the base sticker price with a fuel cost estimate based on the car's estimated gas mileage. Fuel cost estimates assume the car will be driven 15,000 miles per year, with 45 percent of those miles on the highway and 55 percent on city streets. The cost of regular unleaded gasoline in the estimate is $3.13 per gallon, and it assumes the car is owned for eight years. Premium fuel costs are estimated at $3.44 per gallon.

Top Compact CarsCity/Hwy mpgBase Sticker Lifetime Fuel CostSticker & Lifetime Fuel
1. Toyota Yaris34/40$11,150$10,301$21,451
2. Hyundai Accent32/35$10,415$11,285$21,700
3. Kia Rio32/35$10,770$11,285$22,055
4. Chevrolet Aveo527/37$9,995$12,219$22,214
5. Chevrolet Aveo27/37$12,010$12,219$24,229
6. Nissan Versa30/34$12,550$11,857$24,407
7. Honda Fit33/38$13,850$10,708$24,558
8. Toyota Corolla32/41$14,305$10,578$24,883
9. Saturn Ion26/35$12,300$12,775$25,075
10. Kia Spectra27/33$12,895$12,773$25,668

Top Midsize CarsCity/Hwy mpgBase StickerLifetime Fuel CostSticker & Lifetime Fuel
1. Hyundai Elantra28/36$13,395$12,073$25,468
2. Dodge Caliber28/32$13,725$12,660$26,385
3. Toyota Matrix30/36$15,410$11,581$26,991
4. Suzuki Aerio25/31$14,299$13,715$28,014
5. Pontiac Vibe30/36$16,760$11,581$28,341
6. Toyota Prius60/51$22,175$6,757$28,932
7. Kia Optima24/34$16,355$13,579$29,934
8. Nissan Altima26/35$17,950$12,775$30,725
9. Chevrolet Malibu24/34$17,215$13,579$30,794
10. Hyundai Sonata24/34$17,345$13,579$30,924

Top Full-Size CarsCity/Hwy mpgBase StickerLifetime Fuel CostSticker & Lifetime Fuel
1. Chevrolet Impala21/31$21,015$15,289$36,304
2. Dodge Charger21/28$22,100$15,874$37,974
3. Ford Five Hundred21/29$23,035$15,665$38,700
4. Dodge Magnum21/28$23,245$15,874$39,119
5. Mercury Montego21/29$23,835$15,665$39,500
6. Toyota Avalon22/31$24,320$15,874$40,194
7. Buick Lucerne19/28$26,875$14,842$41,717
8. Kia Amanti19/26$25,745$16,909$42,654
9. Chrysler 30021/28$25,495$17,373$42,868
10. Ford Crown Victoria17/25$24,620$18,913$43,533

Top Luxury CarsCity/Hwy mpgBase StickerLifetime Fuel CostSticker & Lifetime Fuel
1. Volvo S40*22/29$24,240$16,726$40,966
2. Hyundai Azera19/28$24,235$16,909$41,144
3. Chrysler Pacifica18/25$24,460$18,237$42,697
4. Volvo V50*22/29$26,690$16,726$43,416
5. Lexus IS 250*24/32$30,255$15,265$45,520
6. Lincoln MKZ19/27$29,305$17,133$46,438
7. Volvo V70*22/29$30,045$16,726$46,771
8. Cadillac CTS18/27$29,925$17,737$47,662
9. Volvo S60*21/30$30,885$17,003$47,888
10. Mercedes-Benz C230*19/25$29,650$19,380$49,030

* Premium fuel is recommended by the manufacturer for these cars. Premium fuel costs of $3.44 a gallon were used in these calculations.

Top MinivansCity/Hwy mpgBase StickerLifetime Fuel CostSticker & Lifetime Fuel
1. Mazda522/27$17,735$15,650$33,385
2. Dodge Caravan20/26$19,055$16,830$35,885
3. Chevrolet Uplander18/25$20,205$18,237$38,442
4. Kia Sedona18/25$20,695$18,237$38,932
5. Chrysler Town & Country19/26$21,695$17,373$39,068
6. Saturn Relay18/25$21,570$18,237$39,807
7. Toyota Sienna19/26$24,155$17,373$41,528
8. Hyundai Entourage18/25$23,895$18,237$42,132
9. Ford Freestar17/23$23,705$19,500$43,205
10. Honda Odyssey18/25$25,645$18,237$43,882

Top SUVsCity/Hwy mpgBase StickerLifetime Fuel CostSticker & Lifetime Fuel
1. Jeep Patriot26/30$14,425$13,579$28,004
2. Jeep Compass26/30$15,425$13,579$29,004
3. Kia Sportage23/28$15,900$15,018$30,918
4. Hyundai Tucson23/28$16,995$15,018$32,013
5. Saturn Vue23/29$17,475$14,810$32,285
6. Ford Escape24/29$19,320$14,436$33,756
7. Toyota RAV424/30$20,950$14,242$35,192
8. Honda CR-V23/30$20,600$14,616$35,216
9. Honda Element21/25$18,900$16,598$35,498
10. Saturn Vue Hybrid27/32$22,870$12,933$35,803

Top Pickup TrucksCity/Hwy mpgBase StickerLifetime Fuel CostSticker & Lifetime Fuel
1. Ford Ranger24/29$13,860$14,436$28,296
2. Toyota Tacoma23/28$14,180$15,018$29,198
3. Mazda B230024/29$15,535$14,436$29,971
4. Chevrolet Colorado20/26$14,085$16,830$30,065
5. GMC Canyon20/26$14,235$16,830$31,065
6. Nissan Frontier22/25$16,050$16,151$32,201
7. Isuzu i-29020/26$16,989$16,830$33,819
8. Chevrolet Silverado Classic17/21$15,840$20,260$36,100
9. GMC Sierra Classic17/21$15,840$20,260$36,100
10. Mazda B300018/23$19,040$18,825$37,865

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