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  • Buying a Car

    Many people buy their first car while in college. We all know that tuition rates and college life in general aren't cheap, and more often than not students are strapped for cash. Keeping these simple tips in mind may help you save a few bucks when you step into the car-buying process for the first time. Read more 

  • Don't Leave Home Without This

    There are some things you can't avoid in college such as pop quizzes and awkward roommate situations, but if you prepare well enough, you can avoid some of the pitfalls that come with having your car on campus. Read more 

  • Road Trip

    When planning for your next road trip, it's not always easy to predict what you're going to need. You don't want to clutter up your car with too much stuff, though, so we put together a list of essentials as well as tips on how to get your friends to chip in for gas. Read more 

  • Hang Onto Your Stuff

    While having your own set of wheels at school can save you the hassle of lugging a six-pack on the bus (a six pack of soda pop, of course), if you don't take precautions to protect your car and its contents, the bus might end up being your ride home. Read more 

  • Research and Innovation

    Experts across the country are researching ways to make cars faster, more fuel efficient and more high-tech, but it's in the universities that the Millennial Generation can make its mark. Read more