Car Gadgets

Selecting high-tech gadgets for your car can be a daunting process. We take a look at navigation systems, DVD players and more to help you make the most of your driving experience.

Car Gadgets Index

  • Mobile MP3

    MP3 players went sky-high in 2005. This hasn't escaped automakers, who are quickly expanding MP3-compatibility options. Find out which new cars are MP3-compatible. Read more 

  • GPS on the Go

    Carmakers and navigation technology companies are now offering more choices and features for car navigation systems. Read more 

  • DVD Systems

    License-plate bingo and the dreaded childhood mantra of "are we there yet?" have become increasingly rare since the advent of the in-car DVD entertainment system. Read more 

  • Bluetooth Wireless Communication

    As Americans increasingly depend on their cell phones, more people are using them in their cars. Some cities and states have banned that practice, leaving drivers who want to talk on the phone with a choice between headsets or wireless Bluetooth technology. Read more