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  • Boomers and Finance

    You lived through the humiliation of the station wagon when the kids came along, and escaped with only minor wounds when you graduated to the minivan. Now that the kids are gone all you aging Boomers nearing retirement hopefully have your 401(k)-fueled nest egg to fall back on. So when it's time to buy a car you actually want, what's the best Boomer plan: Pay cash, or finance over time? Read more 

  • Boomers and the Auto Industry

    Many Boomers are reaching retirement age. To understand how they affect the cars we drive now and the cars we'll drive in the future, you first need to understand what drives them. Read more 

  • Baby Boomer Picks

    The oldest Baby Boomers are reaching 62, and many are either calling it a career or planning to retire soon. It may seem predictable that Boomers reaching their golden years will clean out a spot in the garage for a large, American-made sedan, but statistics say that's not necessarily true. Read more