Car Financing Advice

Financing a vehicle purchase is more than just negotiating the sticker price. Understanding your personal credit and the variety of lending options are key factors, as well.

Financing Advice Index

  • Auto Loan Calculator

    Estimate monthly payments and see how much car you can afford. Read more 

  • Car Loan Quick Start Guide

    You've found the right car for your needs and your budget; now it's time to find the right way to pay for it. Whether you plan to pay cash, lease or finance your new car, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Read more 

  • Car Loan Tips and Tricks

    We take some of the mystery out of financing a new car. These tips can help you get the best possible loan rate and save money on your purchase. Read more 

  • At the Dealership

    Visiting a car dealership is all about preparation; knowing what you need to know about the car, the price, financing, insurance and more. Plus, we've included a checklist for the numbers, prices and questions you should have at the ready. Read more 

  • Auto Refinancing

    You're looking for some extra cash, and you see the ad on TV: Refinance your car and save money, or just lower your monthly payment by extending the length of your loan. Question is, is it really a good idea? Read more 


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