Owning and Repairing Your Car

Even if you don't know a spark plug from an intake valve, there are still some basic things you can do to maintain the performance of your car.

Owning and Repairing Your Car Index

  • Tires and Treads

    As vehicles have become increasingly trouble-free, motorists have increasingly ignored their tires. Tires have improved markedly over the past few decades in terms of performance and wear, but they still require more attention than most of the car. Read more 

  • All About Motor Oil

    If you want to own and properly maintain a vehicle, at some point you'll have to deal with motor oil. Whether you decide to change the oil yourself or take it to a local shop, it's a good idea to understand what's going in your car. Read more 

  • Fuel

    Given all the talk about electric cars, clean diesel, ethanol and more, it can be confusing to know how fuels work and their advantages and disadvantages. Here's a guide. Read more 

  • Automotive Disasters

    Be prepared for your next automotive disaster with these tips on what to do when your car runs out of gas, overheats or gets a flat tire. Read more 

  • Automotive Paint

    Learn about your car's paint and how to protect it. Read more