Cash for Clunkers: Eligible New Cars by Gas Mileage

Thinking of trading in your "clunker" for some cash? Below is the list of new cars eligible for the program based on their combined gas mileage and price. How much you'll get for buying one depends on your trade-in's combined gas mileage. For one, the new car you buy must have a combined mpg rating that's at least 4 mpg higher than your trade-in's. If it's at least 4 mpg but less than 10 mpg higher, you'll get a $3,500 credit. If the new car's combined fuel economy bests your clunker's by 10 mpg or more, the credit is $4,500. These lists are based on federal rules and are not official lists. We'll update if and when we get more information from the Department of Transportation. Find out more in our Cash for Clunkers guide.

Eligible Cars by Gas Mileage
Specific trims aren't listed; some versions of models on this list may not be eligible for the program based on lower gas mileage or higher price, but every model listed here has at least one version that qualifies. Check with your dealer on eligibility rules. Click the vehicle name to search for new cars in your area.
Make/ModelStarting MSRP*Combined Gas Mileage
Toyota Prius $22,00050
Honda Civic Hybrid $23,65042
Honda Insight $19,80041
Ford Fusion Hybrid $27,27039
Mercury Milan Hybrid $27,50039
Smart ForTwo $11,99036
Nissan Altima Hybrid $26,65034
Toyota Camry Hybrid $26,15034
Volkswagen Jetta $17,51534
Ford Escape Hybrid $29,75032
Mini Clubman $20,20032
Mini Cooper $18,55032
Toyota Yaris $12,20532
Honda Fit $14,75031
Chevrolet Aveo $11,96530
Chevrolet Cobalt $14,99030
Kia Forte $13,69530
Kia Rio $11,49530
Lexus RX 450h $41,66030
Pontiac G3 $14,27530
Toyota Corolla $15,35030
Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid $25,55529
Honda Civic $15,30529
Hyundai Accent $9,97029
Nissan Cube $13,99029
Nissan Versa $9,99029
Pontiac G5 $16,98029
Saturn Aura Hybrid $26,32529
Scion xD $14,65029
Ford Focus $15,99528
Hyundai Elantra $14,12028
Kia Soul $13,30028
Mazda3 $15,04528
Nissan Sentra $15,35028
Pontiac Vibe $16,10028
Toyota Matrix $16,55028
Dodge Caliber $16,46027
Kia Spectra $13,55027
Saturn Astra $15,87527
Audi TT $35,20026
Chevrolet Malibu $21,82526
Nissan Altima $19,90026
Pontiac G6 $19,27526
Saturn Aura $22,65526
Toyota Camry $19,39526
Acura TSX $29,31025
Audi A4 $31,00025
Ford Fusion $19,27025
Honda Accord $20,90525
Hyundai Sonata $18,70025
Kia Optima $17,49525
Mercury Milan $21,18025
Mitsubishi Lancer $14,54025
Suzuki SX4 $13,29925
Volkswagen CC $27,10025
Volkswagen Eos $31,61525
Volkswagen GTI $23,23025
Audi A3 $26,92024
Chrysler Sebring $23,04024
Dodge Avenger $20,91524
Ford Escape $20,51524
Hyundai Genesis Coupe $22,00024
Lexus IS 250 $31,30524
Mazda5 $17,99524
Mazda6 $18,55024
Mazda MX-5 Miata $21,75024
Scion tC $17,00024
Scion xB $15,75024
Volkswagen Rabbit $16,30024
Volvo V50 $28,70024
Chevrolet Impala $23,89023
Mitsubishi Eclipse $20,69923
Mitsubishi Galant $21,24923
Pontiac Solstice $24,27523
Saturn Sky $27,59523
Toyota Avalon $27,84523
Volkswagen New Beetle $18,29023
Volkswagen Passat $28,30023
Volvo C30 $24,10023
Volvo S40 $26,20023
Volvo S60 $30,95023
BMW 128 $29,40022
BMW 328 $33,60022
Chevrolet Camaro $22,24522
Ford Taurus$25,17022
Hyundai Tucson $18,07022
Kia Rondo $17,49522
Lexus ES 350 $34,47022
Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder $27,79922
Nissan Maxima $30,16022
Subaru Impreza $17,49522
Subaru Legacy $19,99522

*Prices are as of July 7, 2009 and represent the most recent model year data available. Prices do not include destination charges. Actual prices will vary.

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