Cost to Fill Up

The sharp increase in gas prices across the nation has left many drivers feeling shellshocked at the pumps. The chart below shows how much it costs to fill up the tanks of select new cars, and how far those dollars will let you travel.

Fuel Cost by Model
All data pertain to 2008-model-year vehicles. The cost to fill up is calculated assuming a gallon of regular gas costs $3 and a gallon of premium fuel costs $3.20.
VehicleCost to Fill UpRange in Miles*Tank Size (gal.)
Compact Cars
Chevrolet Cobalt$39325-35113
Ford Focus$40.5037813.5
Honda Fit$32.40313-33510.8
Midsize Cars
Honda Accord$55.50370-46318.5
Pontiac G6$48288-40016
Toyota Camry Hybrid$51.6058517.2
Full-Size Cars
Chrysler 300 (RWD)$54360-37818
Ford Taurus$61.50390-45120.5
Toyota Avalon$55.50 40718.5
Luxury Cars
Acura RL$62.08**36919.4
Audi A8$76.16**42823.8
Lexus ES 350$59.20**40718.5
Compact SUVs
Ford Escape Hybrid$45420-48015
Jeep Liberty$58.50332-37119.5
Honda CR-V$45.90337-35215.3
Midsize SUVs
Hummer H3$69322-34523
Mazda CX-7$58.24**328-34618.2
Hyundai Santa Fe$59.40376-39619.8
Full-Size SUVs
Chevrolet Tahoe$78364-41626
Nissan Armada$8439228
Toyota Sequoia$79.20370-39626.4
Luxury SUVs
BMW X5$72**360-40522.5
Cadillac Escalade ESV$99.20**43431
Lexus RX 350$61.44**365-38419.2
Sports Cars
Chevrolet Corvette$57.60**324-34218
Ford Mustang$48288-32016
Porsche Boxster$54.08**355-38916.9
Pickup Trucks
Dodge Ram$78364-44226
Ford F-150$78364-41626
Toyota Tacoma$63336-46221
Dodge Grand Caravan$61.50369-39020.5
Kia Sedona$63.3038021.1
Toyota Sienna$60360-38020

*Best/worst, based on drivetrain; according to 2008 Environmental Protection Agency combined mpg estimates.
**Price with premium fuel.

Updated on 12/11/07