Flexible-Fuel Vehicles

For consumers interested in using a renewable fuel source, there are many flexible-fuel vehicles on the market that can run on either gasoline or E85, which is 85 percent ethanol alcohol and 15 percent gas. As of now, 35 models — listed below — are available to the general public; there are more out there, but they're only available for fleet sales. Not all versions of the vehicles listed can run on E85, so be sure to read their Cars.com reports when considering your purchase.

2009 Flex-Fuel Vehicles
All vehicles are 2009 models that are available to the general public. Click on the image or model name to read the vehicle's Cars.com report.
VehicleGas MPG (city/hwy)E85 MPG (city/hwy)
Passenger Cars
Buick Lucerne17/2613/20
Chevrolet Impala19/2914/22
Chevrolet HHR22/3216/23
Chrysler Sebring19/2713/20
Dodge Avenger19/2713/20
Lincoln Town Car16/2412/17
Mercedes-Benz C-Class18/2513/19
Mercury Grand Marquis16/2412/17
Cadillac Escalade12/1910/14
Cadillac ESV12/1910/14
Cadillac Escalade EXT12/1910/14
Chevrolet Avalanche14/2010/15
Chevrolet Suburban15/2111/16
Chevrolet Tahoe15/2111/16
Chrysler Aspen14/199/13
Dodge Durango14/199/13
Ford Expedition14/2010/14
GMC Yukon15/2111/16
GMC Yukon XL15/2111/16
Jeep Commander14/199/13
Jeep Grand Cherokee14/199/13
Nissan Armada12/189/13
Toyota Sequoia13/189/12
Pickup Trucks
Chevrolet Silverado15/2111/16
Dodge Dakota14/199/13
Dodge Ram14/199/13
Ford F-15014/2010/14
Toyota Tundra13/1710/13
GMC Sierra15/2111/16
Mitsubishi Raider14/199/13
Nissan Titan13/189/13
Chevrolet Express14/1810/13
Chrysler Town & Country17/2411/16
Dodge Grand Caravan17/2411/16
GMC Savana14/1810/13

All mileage estimates for a given vehicle apply to the two-wheel-drive version and lowest-displacement engine. There are four-wheel-drive versions and larger engines available, but their mileage ratings differ.

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