Can Your Car Run on E85?

Manufacturers say a majority of flexible-fuel model owners don't know their vehicles can run on E85. Are you one of them? You can find out by checking your owner's manual and cracking the VIN code. The vehicle identification number is typically found at the base of the windshield in front of the driver's seat, and is best viewed from outside. If the designated character listed below matches your model, yours is a flex-fuel vehicle.

Vehicles With Flex-Fuel Capability
The list includes both new and older models, including those that are no longer produced. Some of the flex-fuel models are available only on the used-car market because they originally were sold only to fleet or commercial buyers. Vehicles are listed alphabetically regardless of model year.
VehicleModel YearEighth VIN Character
Buick Terraza2007W
Chevrolet Avalanche2005 - 2006Z
2007 3 or 0
Chevrolet Express2007Z
Chevrolet Impala2006 - 2007K
Chevrolet Monte Carlo2006 - 2007K
Chevrolet S-10 Pickup2000 - 20025
Chevrolet Silverado2002 - 2006Z
20070, 3 or Z
Chevrolet Suburban2002 - 2006Z
20073 or 0
Chevrolet Tahoe2002 - 2006Z
20073 or 0
Chevrolet Uplander 2007W
Chrysler Aspen 2007 P
Chrysler Sebring2003 - 2007T
Chrysler Town & Country1998 - 2003E, G or 3
Chrysler Voyager2003 - 2006E, G or 3
Dodge Caravan1998 - 2003; 2006 - 2007E, G or 3
Dodge Dakota2007P
Dodge Durango2006 - 2007P
Dodge Grand Caravan2007E, G or 3
Dodge Ram2003 - 2007P
Dodge Stratus2003 - 2006T
Ford Crown Victoria2006 - 2007V
Ford Explorer (four-door)2002 - 2005K
Ford F-150 2006 - 2007V
Ford Ranger1999 - 2003V
Ford Taurus1995 - 20062
GMC Savana2007Z
GMC Sierra2002 - 2006Z
20070, 3 or Z
GMC Sonoma2000 - 20025
GMC Yukon2002 - 2006Z
20073 or 0
GMC Yukon XL2002 - 2006Z
20073 or 0
Jeep Commander 2007 P
Jeep Grand Cherokee2007 P
Lincoln Town Car2006 - 2007 V
Mazda B3000 Pickup1999; 2001 - 2002V
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2007 Check your manual
Mercury Grand Marquis2006 - 2007V
Mercury Mountaineer2002 - 2005K
Mercury Sable2000 - 20052
Nissan Armada2007 B*
Nissan Titan2005 - 2006B*
Plymouth Voyager1998 - 1999E, G or 3

*For Nissan, the "B" will be the fourth character in the VIN.

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