Placing an Effective Ad

You've prepared your car and have an asking price now you need to sell it. A well-written ad will draw buyers' attention and can help sell the car quickly.

  • Photos, photos, photos. Use as many photos of your clean, well-maintained car as possible. Include a variety of shots, such as exterior front, rear and side angles; interior front/rear seats; the dashboard; trunk/cargo space; wheels and tires; engine block; and other special features (e.g., if the stick shift is a key selling point in your sports car, show pictures of it.)
  • Mention amenities that you enjoyed most: a high-end stereo, a fuel-efficient engine, all-wheel drive, a sunroof, key safety features, creature comforts, etc. What features were attractive to you when you purchased the car?
  • Are you the car's only owner/driver? Has it been stored indoors during all seasons? These items may be worth mentioning.
  • Avoid generalities such as "Loaded!" or "Like new!" Instead, be specific: loaded with what? How is it "like new"? Does it have relatively low mileage for its age? Is the interior immaculate?
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