Best Gas Mileage by Vehicle Class

Each year, the Environmental Protection Agency compiles its Fuel Economy Guide to educate car buyers on fuel-efficient vehicles. The following gas-powered, automatic cars and trucks have the best fuel economy within the listed vehicle classes.

Best Gas Mileage for Cars, Trucks and SUVs
Each class includes the 2006 vehicles with the best gas mileage estimates in that category. All vehicles have automatic transmissions.
Class LeadersCity MPGHighway MPG
Compact Cars (Range: 13 - 40; Avg.: 22/31)
Honda Civic3040
Scion xA3138
Midsize Cars (Range: 10 - 34; Avg.: 19.2/29.5)
Scion xB3034
Pontiac Vibe2934
Full-Size Cars (Range: 11 - 33; Avg.: 16/25)
Hyundai Sonata2433
Toyota Avalon2231
Luxury Cars (Range: 10 - 32; Avg.: 16.7/26)
Audi A3*2531
Audi A4*2432
Lexus IS 250*2432
Sports Cars (Range: 10 - 34; Avg.: 16.5/24.5)
Acura RSX2534
Volkswagen GTI2531
SUVs (Range: 12 - 30; Avg.: 16.2/22.2)
Toyota RAV4 (2WD)2430
Honda CR-V (2WD)2329
Pickup Trucks (Range: 9 - 28; Avg.: 14.7/20.5)
Subaru Baja2128
Ford Ranger (2WD)2126
Mazda B2300 (2WD)2126
Toyota Tacoma (2WD)2126
Minivans (Range: 13 - 28; Avg.: 17.4/24)
Honda Odyssey (VCM)2028

*Requires premium gas

2WD = two-wheel drive, VCM = variable cylinder management

The lowest and highest mpg estimates and average city/highway mpg is listed for each class. The average includes only models with automatic transmissions.

Source: EPA's 2006 Fuel Economy Guide

Last updated on 4/20/06