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Variable valve control

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Inline 4-cylinder

The engine configuration is four cylinders arranged in a straight line.
Primary Benefit:
Inline-4 engines produce adequate horsepower while typically offering better fuel efficiency and more economical maintenance than larger engines.

Engine Power

Horsepower is a way of measuring the work that the engine can do in a period of time. One horsepower is equal to the energy needed to lift 550 pounds one foot for one second.

Variable valve timing

Variable valve control allows the lift, duration and/or timing of the intake or exhaust valves to be altered while the engine is in operation.
Primary Benefit:
A greener and greater driving experience. Variable valve timing increases the engine's flexibility for better fuel efficiency and improved performance.

Engine liters

This number represents the total volume, in liters, that is displaced as the pistons move inside the engine.

Regular unleaded fuel

Regular unleaded fuel is recommended.
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