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Best New cars for Big Families
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Top Picks for Big Families

Large families need a car that can comfortably carry six or more people and their stuff. From a pool that included our Best Bets and all the newer cars we've driven since, we considered station wagons, crossovers, SUVs and minivans. We looked at safety features, driving refinement, cargo versatility, number of seats and cabin comfort.

 Best New Car for Big Families
2014 Buick Enclave
Starting MSRP $39,665

A minivan is the obvious choice for large families, but those willing to think beyond sliding doors will find a lot to love about the Buick Enclave three-row crossover. The Enclave's premium appearance outside and roomy comfort inside won over our editors. Its luxuriously appointed cabin offers seating for up to eight, and although the Enclave doesn't offer as much cargo room as a minivan, it's still generous; the Enclave is one of the most spacious large crossovers. The Enclave wins for its just-right blend of comfort, style, drivability and utility.

 Best Deal for Big Families
2014 Nissan Quest
Starting MSRP $26,850

The Nissan Quest minivan stands out from the pack of rounded crossovers and minivans with its boxy exterior, sleek wraparound rear windows and bold styling, but most of all for its frugal nature. The Quest's luxurious leather- and faux-wood-trimmed interior will make you the envy of the carpool lane, and convenience features like an around-view camera, conversation mirror and easy fold-flat seats help make parenting just a bit easier. What parents will like most of all, however, is its price; this minivan offers a lot of space for the money.

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Suggestions for Big Families
2014 Chevrolet Suburban 1500  Recommended for Big Families Chevrolet Suburban 1500 (2014)
Starting MSRP $47,295

If your family mobile frequently tows people and cargo, the Chevrolet Suburban's roomy interior and strong V-8 should do the trick. With seating for up to nine, the Suburban has little competition when it comes to people-and-cargo moving.

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2014 Chevrolet Tahoe  Recommended for Big Families Chevrolet Tahoe (2014)
Starting MSRP $44,595

Although it's big and thirsty, the Chevrolet Tahoe excels at hauling people and stuff. If you need an SUV that can tow and accommodate a brood of up to nine, few vehicles can handle the task as well as the Tahoe.
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2014 Chevrolet Traverse  Recommended for Big Families Chevrolet Traverse (2014)
Starting MSRP $31,670

Chevrolet's spacious and maneuverable Traverse three-row crossover seats up to eight, and it will comfortably accommodate your spouse, kids and cargo in style, thanks to its inviting, classy cabin.
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2014 Ford Flex  Recommended for Big Families Ford Flex (2014)
Starting MSRP $31,995

Minivan scoffers will feel right at home in the Ford Flex, a boxy people-mover. The Flex wears anti-minivan styling but is loaded with family-friendly features. Space isn't a problem either; the Flex has three rows of seats and competitive cargo space.
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2014 GMC Acadia  Recommended for Big Families GMC Acadia (2014)
Starting MSRP $35,260

The GMC Acadia's in-your-face grille means you will stand out at soccer practice, but its appeal isn't only skin deep. The crossover seats up to eight, and precious cargo will stay safe thanks to available safety features like forward collision alert.
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2014 Honda Odyssey  Recommended for Big Families Honda Odyssey (2014)
Starting MSRP $29,655

With plenty of seats and enough Latch anchors to handle a small preschool, there's no doubt the Honda Odyssey can pull family duty. We're impressed by its technology, smooth power and versatile cabin. It can even handle messes with an available in-van vacuum.
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2014 Honda Pilot  Recommended for Big Families Honda Pilot (2014)
Starting MSRP $30,500

The Honda Pilot's interior features one of the best blends of functionality and comfort in the segment. Its comfortable cabin and well-thought-out storage options will make any parent smile. Even with the third row in use, there's still a ton of cargo room.
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2013 Toyota Sienna  Recommended for Big Families Toyota Sienna (2013)
Starting MSRP $27,445

If you're looking for a stylish and practical way to haul a family around, the Toyota Sienna could be your ride. With its sliding and reclining second-row seats, sunroof, available all-wheel drive and affordable price, families will appreciate the Sienna's uber-cool versatility.
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