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Best New cars for Big Families
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Top Picks for Big Families

Large families need a car that can comfortably carry six or more people and their stuff. From a pool that included our Best Bets and all the newer cars we've driven since, we considered station wagons, crossovers, SUVs and minivans. We looked at safety features, driving refinement, cargo versatility, number of seats and cabin comfort.

 Best New Car for Big Families
2015 Hyundai Santa Fe
Starting MSRP $31,025

The three-row Santa Fe was a runner-up for our top award last year because it fits large families like a glove. There's a low step-in height that allows youngsters to climb in at early ages. Child-safety seats are easy to install, and there are optional second-row captain's chairs, a popular feature for minivan-averse shoppers. There are other great crossovers on the market that do a lot of the same things well, but for us the Santa Fe wins because of how natural its controls feel and how easy the multimedia system is to use.
 Best Deal for Big Families
2015 Nissan Quest
Starting MSRP $27,415

If you "have to" get a minivan, why not get one that stands out among the suburban sprawl? That's what the funky styling of the Quest does, all the while hiding an upscale interior that has plenty of room for large families. Surprisingly, it is laid out more like a crossover inside than a minivan, which has its plusses and minuses, but the Quest's biggest plus is its lower price versus all other nominees. Most families have to stick to a budget, and this is a lot of Japanese van for the money.
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Suggestions for Big Families
2015 Acura MDX  Recommended for Big Families Acura MDX (2015)
Starting MSRP $43,685

Just because you're a parent, it doesn't mean you can't have a little luxury. The MDX delivers a three-row crossover that has practical features like an easy-sliding second row that's wrapped in a package that says "date night" more than "soccer practice."
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2015 Buick Enclave  Recommended for Big Families Buick Enclave (2015)
Starting MSRP $39,975

If you want major room, an air of luxury and a quiet ride, you can't do much better than the Enclave. This crossover adds enough luxury, especially in the ride department, to make it worth the extra investment.
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2015 Chevrolet Traverse  Recommended for Big Families Chevrolet Traverse (2015)
Starting MSRP $31,870

Getting the job done with room to spare is what the Traverse does best. It's not the most fun to drive or the quietest, but it's above par in most road-worthy categories.
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2015 Dodge Durango  Recommended for Big Families Dodge Durango (2015)
Starting MSRP $31,390

The Durango could have won this category, and nearly did, because it offers a superior driving experience to the Santa Fe and does everything pretty darn well. The optional center pass-through console between the captain's chairs is a feature that buyers covet.
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2015 Honda Odyssey  Recommended for Big Families Honda Odyssey (2015)
Starting MSRP $29,855

If you're on Team Minivan, the Odyssey is the first one you need to check off your research list. It is the top choice of our staff when it comes to this suburban-staple body style, all in an upscale cabin.
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2015 Toyota Highlander  Recommended for Big Families Toyota Highlander (2015)
Starting MSRP $30,300

With so much crossover competition today, Toyota had to step up its game, and it did so with the new Highlander. It drives better, offers more room and has some truly innovative features for tech-addicted families.
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2015 Toyota Sienna  Recommended for Big Families Toyota Sienna (2015)
Starting MSRP $29,485

The somewhat stale Sienna is still a minivan to be reckoned with. It offers a spacious second row compared to others in the class and is the only minivan on the market with all-wheel drive.
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