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Top Picks for Driving Fun

We looked over our lists of lifestyles and smacked our collective head: We didn't have a category for people like us, people who just drive for the fun of it! We tried not to dwell on ultra-expensive exotic cars, but rather on everyday drivers that provide a sense of fun and control. We chose our winners from dozens of contenders. Because many of these cars are not crash-tested, they are not drawn from our list of Best Bets.

 Best New Car for Driving Fun
2014 Porsche 911
Starting MSRP $85,250

Sports cars with incredible performance specs are common, but harder to find are cars that deliver a truly engaging driving experience. The Porsche 911 is one of those rare cars. The powerful flat-six engine shoves you forward quickly while the available seven-speed double-clutch transmission is so magically good you won't miss the stick shift. The 911 has its share of high-tech features and luxury amenities, but they don't get in the way of the driving experience as they do in some high-end cars. The 911 formula hasn't changed much over the years, but it's still what a modern sports car should be.
 Best Deal for Driving Fun
2014 Nissan Juke
Starting MSRP $19,800

Say what you want about how it looks (we named it one of the most polarizing cars) — the Nissan Juke brings lots of sportiness to the small crossover class. A turbocharged, four-cylinder engine makes the Juke quick when you want it to be, and its natural, direct steering is rewarding. With a starting price of around $20,000 (including the destination charge), it's one of the most affordable small crossovers. The Juke's entertaining demeanor comes at the expense of backseat passenger room and overall utility, but if driving fun on a slim budget is the goal, the Juke is the answer.
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Suggestions for Driving Fun
2014 Audi RS 5  Recommended for Driving Fun Audi RS 5 (2014)
Starting MSRP $70,495

The Audi RS 5's performance formula pairs a high-revving V-8 engine and a quick-shifting seven-speed double-clutch transmission with a rear-biased all-wheel-drive system. The combination is good for a zero-to-60-mph acceleration time of 4.5 seconds. Aggressive exterior cues and premium interior finishes complete the package.
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2014 BMW 328  Recommended for Driving Fun BMW 328 (2014)
Starting MSRP $38,225

The BMW 3 Series long has been revered as a rewarding driver's car. The latest 328 model packs power and efficiency from its turbo four-cylinder engine, which makes 240 horsepower and is rated as high as 23/35 mpg city/highway with an automatic transmission.
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2014 Dodge SRT Viper  Recommended for Driving Fun Dodge SRT Viper (2014)
Starting MSRP $101,880

There aren't many cars identified as closely with American performance as the Dodge SRT Viper. Known for its raw, temperamental nature, the Viper gained driving and interior refinement with its 2013 redesign. It still has some serious bite, however, thanks to a 640-horsepower V-10 lurking under its hood
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2014 Dodge Charger  Recommended for Driving Fun Dodge Charger (2014)
Starting MSRP $27,990

Like its muscle-car namesake, the Dodge Charger brings straight-line performance but the modern-day version comes as a sedan that the whole family can enjoy. Power is abundant with the available Hemi V-8, and the comfortable ride should serve road-trippers well.

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2014 Ford Mustang  Recommended for Driving Fun Ford Mustang (2014)
Starting MSRP $22,995

Nimble and agile in a way that its competitors are not, the Ford Mustang has a lot more to offer than acceleration. From its base V-6 to an available supercharged V-8, Ford lets you decide how crazy things should get. We hope the next-generation Mustang is as fun as this one.
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2014 Mazda Miata MX-5  Recommended for Driving Fun Mazda Miata MX-5 (2014)
Starting MSRP $24,515

You don't have to drive the Mazda Miata MX-5 fast to enjoy it; this roadster is one of a handful of cars that make normally mundane errand running a thrilling experience. The Miata rides well for a sports car, and there's a surprising amount of cabin room for taller drivers.
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2013 Nissan Leaf  Recommended for Driving Fun Nissan Leaf (2013)
Starting MSRP $29,650

No, this isn't a mistake; the all-electric Nissan Leaf really is fun. With immediate power and nimble handling, the Leaf slips easily and silently around traffic on busy city streets. Equally fun is calculating how much money you're not spending on gas.
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2014 Nissan GT-R  Recommended for Driving Fun Nissan GT-R (2014)
Starting MSRP $100,590

The Nissan GT-R stomped onto the sports-car scene as a 2009 model, and its twin-turbo V-6 engine has been getting more powerful ever since. It's now rated at 545 horsepower, and the GT-R features a double-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive to deliver supercar levels of performance.
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