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Top Picks for Sun Lovers

Whether golfing, hitting the beach or just taking a road trip, sun lovers are always looking to get a tan while behind the wheel. We considered anything with a removable top, be it convertibles or even soft-top SUVs. We looked at open-air appeal and playful road manners, as well as interior and exterior styling. Because many of these cars are not crash-tested, they are not drawn from our list of Best Bets.

 Best New Car for Sun Lovers
2015 Porsche 911
Starting MSRP $97,195

How do you make one of the most entertaining sports cars on the planet better? Chop off the top and let the sun shine in! We imagine ourselves cruising down the Pacific Coast Highway on a warm day, ocean breezes wafting over us, the glorious growl of the 911's rear-mounted flat-six-cylinder engine wailing in from behind us — a picture of perfection few cars can achieve. While 350 horsepower may not seem like much in a sports car these days, it's motivating to a car that weighs just less than 3,200 pounds, meaning it can sprint like an athlete when you ask it to.
 Best Deal for Sun Lovers
2015 Mazda MX-5 Miata
Starting MSRP $24,790

Most convertibles are built as luxury cars, meaning they're pricey to buy and expensive to own and operate. But thankfully not all of them cost an arm and a leg: The MX-5 Miata is fun, frugal and reliable, and has been that way for 25 years. This is the last year for this generation Miata (a new one is coming next year), meaning it could be harder to find and more expensive soon. Snap this one up now, and you won't be disappointed.
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Suggestions for Sun Lovers
2015 Audi RS 5 Cabriolet  Recommended for Sun Lovers Audi RS 5 Cabriolet (2015)
Starting MSRP $80,125

The A5 convertible gets the high-performance RS treatment, and the result is a gorgeous, blindingly quick 450-horsepower V-8-equipped road rocket with some of the best styling, equipment and interior materials in the segment.
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2015 BMW Z4  Recommended for Sun Lovers BMW Z4 (2015)
Starting MSRP $49,900

The Z4 has a standard power-folding hardtop, making it useful for sun worshippers who happen to live in places where security and protection from the elements are important factors. When stowed, though, the top limits luggage capacity.
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2015 Chevrolet Corvette  Recommended for Sun Lovers Chevrolet Corvette (2015)
Starting MSRP $59,995

The Stingray convertible is a winner for Chevy, with exotic-car styling, tight handling and a V-8 soundtrack. Selectable modes for suspension, steering, engine and transmission controls transform it from a cruiser to a racetrack weapon with the push of a button.
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2015 Jaguar F-Type  Recommended for Sun Lovers Jaguar F-Type (2015)
Starting MSRP $69,925

Nothing on this Earth sounds like the F-Type V-8 under full acceleration through a concrete canyon. Put the top down, and the reverberating symphony of internal combustion music will put goose bumps on your goose bumps.
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2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class  Recommended for Sun Lovers Mercedes-Benz E-Class (2015)
Starting MSRP $62,275

If you like a dose of luxury with your ultraviolet, the E-Class convertible is a stellar way to let the sun in. You get a choice of V-6 or V-8, room for four adults and Mercedes-Benz opulence.
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2015 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class  Recommended for Sun Lovers Mercedes-Benz SL-Class (2015)
Starting MSRP $84,925

The SL features a standard power-folding hardtop, but it also features one of the last V-12 engines you can buy anywhere. Its looks may not be to everyone's tastes, but there's no denying it has presence.
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2015 Mini Roadster  Recommended for Sun Lovers Mini Roadster (2015)
Starting MSRP $26,950

The Roadster is a nimble two-seater with a chopped top and available turbo engines for serious scoot. If the standard version isn't fast enough for you, plunk down some coin for the John Cooper Works version and hang on tight.
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2015 Porsche Boxster  Recommended for Sun Lovers Porsche Boxster (2015)
Starting MSRP $52,395

The latest Boxster has earned respect from sports car lovers thanks to its amazing balance, zippy performance and decidedly good looks. It is an outstanding choice for buyers who want a fun, open Porsche but can't quite afford the 911.
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