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2004 Kia Sedona

Joe Wiesenfelder says:Best value: Value and cost are often confused. The least expensive vehicle can be a terrible value, but not in this case. The Kia Sedona is better executed than anyone would dare expect from a low-cost alternative. The interior alone puts others to shame. As a Kia, its resale value doesn’t currently compete, but with all you get in the Sedona, it is the best value.”

Jim Flammang says: “Value is what you get in the South Korean-built Sedona, which delivers most of the benefits of minivans that cost several thousands of dollars more. While thinking about the money you saved, you’ll enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride, along with eager performance. The seats aren’t quite as appealing as those of some competitors, and Kia trails the pack in fuel economy. Otherwise, the Sedona is an attractive choice for the budget-minded family.”
$2,575 – $3,775

2004 Toyota Sienna

Joe Wiesenfelder says:Best large minivan: The long-reigning Honda Odyssey is very good, but Toyota’s new Sienna does it one better in several areas: It’s more fuel efficient, it turns a tighter circle, it has roll-down side windows, and it offers all-wheel drive. Its third-row seat is easier to operate, and its interior is roomier, quieter and more luxurious. Add the balance of safety, reliability and resale value ratings for which these two companies are known, and the Sienna assumes the crown.”

Jim Flammang says: “Redesigned for 2004, the Sienna is even better executed and civilized than before, easily rivaling Chrysler and Dodge models in every respect. As carlike as any model on the market, Toyota’s minivan again excels in handling, stability, quietness and performance. Ride comfort isn’t quite the best, but few bumps are seriously bothersome. Bigger than its predecessor, the 2004 Sienna is easy to drive, steers with a light touch and corners capably. Tall headrests hamper rearward visibility, but the third-row easily folds away.”
$7,450 – $11,550