Quick Quiz: Hybrid or Gas?

Quick Quiz: Should I Buy a Hybrid Car?

Having a tough time figuring out which way to go? Are you a city dweller or a fan of open land? Do you like to break new ground or go with the tried and true? Select the statements that come closest to your experience. We'll tell you the pros and cons of hybrids for your lifestyle, driving style and budget.

Question One
I drive. In the city. Or suburbs. And I start. And stop. A lot.
I live in a suburban or rural area and enjoy long, traffic-free drives.

Question Two
I enjoy being a pioneer in the latest car technologies.
I like popular cars because they wind up being cheaper to repair.

Question Three
I don't mind paying more for a car in order to help the environment.
I'd rather not pay higher prices when I can get good mileage with a gas-powered car.

Question Four
I don't mind waiting to get a car; I'm patient.
I need a new car now and I don't want to wait.

Question Five
I often drive by myself and don't need to carry much cargo.
I often drive with a lot of people and need to carry a lot of stuff.

I don't use a lead foot when it comes to accelerating.
I like quick acceleration when I'm driving.