Hybrids: The Most Popular Green Cars

Most car shoppers think of hybrids first when they think of green cars, and it's no wonder why. Read on to find the hot hybrids and figure out if one is right for you.

Best Hybrids for the Money

Although hybrids usually get better gas mileage than conventional cars, they also cost more ? usually a lot more. To determine if the added cost is worthwhile, we devised an efficiency-cost rating to reflect efficiency bang for your overall buck. Read more

Hot New Green Cars for 2011

Mass-market electric cars are finally here. The Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt employ lithium-ion batteries that can power the cars without gasoline and recharge via plug-in wall stations. Read more

Best Bets for Hybrids

To qualify as a Best Bet, models must meet three quantified criteria: a Good rating in Insurance Institute for Highway Safety frontal-offset and side-impact crash tests, average or higher reliability ratings, and average or higher fuel mileage within their class. Read more

Green Car Safety

In a car, power sources like electricity and natural gas seem threatening, but once you look into it, you'll find these alternatives might be different from gasoline, but they're not necessarily more dangerous. Read more

Quick Quiz: Hybrid or Gas?

Is a hybrid car or SUV right for you? Match your experiences and needs in our quiz. Read more

Interpreting Crash Tests and Safety Ratings

Overall, passenger vehicles are safer than they've ever been, but the crashworthiness of individual models varies greatly, even within a vehicle class. New roof-strength tests also reveal that one version of a model can fare better than another. Because of this, understanding how a model is expected to perform in a crash is important before buying your next car. Read more

Roof-Strength Ratings Offer Insight on Rollover Safety

For the 2010 model year, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has implemented the first standardized test to reflect how vehicles and their occupants might fare in a rollover. Read more