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Editorial and Production Credits:
Mike Hanley, lead producer
Mary S. Butler, senior editor
Diane L. Calvert, copy editor
Eric Hoglund, research product coordinator
Dmitriy Makhovik, technical producer
Scott Jones, template producer
Dustin Hansen, HTML coordinator
Rachna Sundaram, HTML coordinator
Davide Formica, QA coordinator
Roshan Tandukar, QA coordinator
Design Credits:
Mark Petrowsky, lead designer
Nathan Norman, designer
Derek Taylor, designer
Author Credits:
Jerry Edgerton is a freelance automotive writer and a former senior writer and automotive specialist for Money magazine. He is also the author of “Car Shopping Made Easy” (Warner Books; $12.95; 2001).

James M. Flammang is’s contributing editor and a freelance automotive journalist based in Chicago. His own consumer-oriented publication, “Tirekicking Today,” has been on the Internet since 1995. Flammang is also the author of many auto history books, including “World’s Greatest Auto Show: Celebrating a Century in Chicago.”

Eric Peters is a freelance automotive journalist who also has written Custom Compacts: Look Good, Go Fast, Heavy-Metal Act: When Muscle Cars Roamed the Streets and Sport Sedans Prove That Four Doors Are Fun for

Joe Wiesenfelder is a senior producer who writes and produces the Vehicle Profile series of in-depth reviews. His other credits include Four-Wheel Drive Demystified, Interactive Car and The Illustrated Guide to Buying a Used Car.
Photo Credits:
All vehicle images were provided by the respective manufacturers, Wieck Media Services Inc. or photographed by