MotorWeek Credits

John H. Davis, Producer, Host and Creator
MotorWeek Reviewer John DavisAs the Emmy Award-winning producer, host and creator of MotorWeek, John Davis puts all new car models through extensive road tests and judges their practicality for buyers. He also serves as final editor on all of the new-car road test segments and writes many of the test opinions as well as other portions of the program.

In 1998 Davis received an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his role as host and executive producer of a MotorWeek-related special broadcast.

Davis is a co-founder and board member of the North American Car and Truck of the Year Awards, the only independent journalistic automotive award in North America. He is also an organizer of the Washington Automotive Press Association and is president of the pioneering International Motor Press Association.

In recognition of his 20 years covering the auto industry, Davis received two Golden Wheel Awards in 1999—including the grand award—from the Detroit Press Foundation. Davis also received a 1999 First Place Silver Dome Award for "Best Special Program and Feature" from the Illinois Broadcasters Association for the WGN special "Live at the 1998 Chicago Auto Show."

A 1970 mechanical and aerospace engineering graduate of North Carolina State University, Davis also holds a master of business administration degree from the University of North Carolina. Prior to joining Maryland Public Television, Davis worked for the Wall Street brokerage firm of Kidder, Peabody and Company as a transportation analyst. Davis has owned a variety of high-performance cars, including vintage Ford Mustangs, a Chevrolet Corvette and a deTomaso Pantera.

Pat Goss, Master Technician
MotorWeek Reviewer Pat GossMotorWeek's resident automotive guru, master technician Pat Goss has hosted the "Goss' Garage" segment for 24 years. His weekly "tool kit" of information helps extend the life of the automobiles Americans love to drive. This 34-year veteran has helped millions of car owners gain knowledge and confidence.

"Proper maintenance" is Pat's mantra to the mainstream, encouraging drivers to change the fluids and check the components in their cars on a regular basis. The most common and confusing consumer problem? According to Pat it's the ubiquitous yellow "check engine" light. Mostly misunderstood by drivers, "check engine" lights make technicians dig deep to diagnose their cause.

Pat can be heard weekly on his wildly popular radio show, "Goss' Garage," which has been consistently rated one of Washington, D.C.'s top radio shows for the past 20 years. When he's not dispensing advice on radio and television, Pat trades his dipstick for a pen. Pat's articles on car care have appeared in publications such as U.S. News & World Report and Reader's Digest, in addition to his bi-weekly column in The Washington Post and his column in the National Corvette Owners Association magazine.

This native New Yorker's first foray into automotive repair was when he opened a body shop as a high school freshman. By the time he was a senior, Pat was operating an 11,000-square-foot garage with 23 employees and was grossing $870,000 a year.

Anqoinette Crosby, Consumer Reporter
MotorWeek Reviewer Anqoinette CrosbyAnqoinette Crosby, MotorWeek's consumer reporter, has a passion for cars, a finger on the pulse of the news and designer stilettos on the gas. From Texas and California to the nation's capital, Anqoinette has immersed herself in the headlines of the day. She thrust herself into the thick of things during the Washington, D.C., sniper coverage and has covered national stories for Conus Communications, Fox TV's "America's Most Wanted" and local news markets in Lubbock, Texas, and San Francisco. These experiences have given Anqoinette an uncanny understanding of consumer needs and wants.

When she's not driving in her designer slingbacks, she's dancing in them. A sports fan and devotee of decorating shows, R&B, Asian cuisine (both cooking and enjoying) and politics, Anqoinette is the perfect fusion of two coasts. Her razor sharp news instincts and an inimitable style make her a standout for all the right reasons.

Henry Kopacz, Associate Producer and Feature Reporter
MotorWeek Reviewer Henry KopaczWhether he's blasting along the motorways of Europe on test drives or cooking dinner on a car engine, Henry Kopacz's refreshing approach to the automotive world is seen during MotorWeek's "Over the Edge" segments. As an associate producer/feature reporter, Henry enjoys sharing his behind-the-scenes experiences with viewers, who get a peek behind the glossy showrooms and into the psyche of manufacturers on everything from automotive engineering to modern styling. Henry serves his automotive segments straight up, with a twist, in his ongoing quest for the unusual, bizarre or just plain interesting in the automotive world.

A native of northern New Jersey, Henry possesses both bachelor of arts and master of arts degrees in mass communication but never expected to be an on-air personality. A devotee of motorcycling—both riding and restoring—Henry's also a fan of exotic cuisine, a variety of music genres and guitar playing, and he modestly displays an Emmy Award at home for his work on the documentary "Images of Maryland: 1900 - 2000." Henry's degrees were earned from the University of Tampa and Towson University.

Dave Durso, Head Writer and Feature Reporter
MotorWeek Reviewer Dave DursoAsk Dave Durso something about automobiles and he easily reels off facts and figures, punctuated by colorful descriptive phrases. He should; he diligently researches and writes this stuff every week. But mention anything on two wheels, and the longtime MotorWeek head writer lights up. Dave's love of the more challenging ways to travel from point A to point B comes to life in his "Two Wheelin'" segments. Whether on a Harley, a Honda or his favorite two-wheeled ride (a Trek road bicycle), it's the challenge of riding well that inspires him to keep coming back.

Similarly, it's the challenge of writing well that inspires this voracious reader and Shakespeare fan, who finds as much satisfaction in a well-turned phrase as he does hammering out the miles on hot asphalt. Perhaps growing up in a well-read family in a northeast Pennsylvania coal-mining town explains such an eclectic mix of passions. Whether cycling, reading, writing, listening to music, hunting and target shooting, or meditating, it's all Zen to Dave when he finds himself in the zone where he loses all track of time. But on most days it's business as usual, writing MotorWeek scripts and artfully turning phrases as he has so faithfully for the past 19 years.

Dave earned a bachelor of arts degree in television production, with a minor in anthropology, from Kutztown University.

Jessica "Jessi" Choksey, Writer and News Reporter
MotorWeek Reviewer Jessica ChokseyJessica Choksey's love of transportation is genetic. This MotorWeek writer and news reporter's parents own a bus company, and her father, also a private pilot, took her from wheels to wings. Family time included living on the water, going from houseboat to speedboat, and bunking in the luggage racks in her parents' buses on trips to Atlantic City.

As a writer for Road Test, Car Keys and MotorNews, Jessi combines her passion for both writing and automobiles. Her first international flight, a personal transportation triumph, landed her on the Autobahn, where she experienced the thrill of the coveted BMW M5—an experience she described as "awesome."

Prior to joining MotorWeek, Jessi's articles could be read in regional and national publications, including Chesapeake Home Magazine. When she's not scribing for MotorWeek, Jessi writes poetry, short stories and scripts. is a proud sponsor of "MotorWeek" on PBS.