2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost

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2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost
Available in 2 styles:  2013 Rolls-Royce Ghost 4dr EWB Sedan shown
Asking Price Range
Estimated MPG

13 city / 21 hwy

Available Colors

Exterior Colors

Admiral Blue

Adriatic Blue

Arabian Blue

Arctic White

Autumn Mystery Black

Black Ember

Black Kirsch

Carrara White

Cassiopeia Silver


Cornish White

Dark Indigo

Darkest Tungsten

Deep Camelian

Deep Garnet

Diamond Black

English White

Ensign Red

Fame Green


Inca Gold

Infinity Black

Jubilee Silver

Lazuli Blue

Madeira Red

Mazarine Blue

Metropolitan Blue

Midnight Sapphire

Moonstone Pearl

New Sable

Parian Marble


Purple Silk Metallic

Red Velvet

Royal Blue

Sea Green


Silver Haze

Smoky Quartz


Interior Colors


Black/Consort Red Accent

Black/Consort Red Contrast

Black/Creme Light Accent

Black/Creme Light Contrast

Black/Hotspur Red Contrast

Black/Moccasin Accent

Black/Moccasin Contrast

Black/Pine Green Accent

Black/Pine Green Contrast

Black/Powder Blue Accent

Black/Powder Blue Contrast

Black/Seashell Accent

Black/Seashell Contrast

Black/Tan Accent

Consort Red

Consort Red/Black Accent

Consort Red/Black Contrast

Consort Red/Creme Light Accent

Consort Red/Creme Light Contrast

Consort Red/Moccasin Accent

Consort Red/Moccasin Contrast

Consort Red/Navy Blue Accent

Consort Red/Navy Blue Contrast

Consort Red/Pine Green Accent

Consort Red/Pine Green Contrast

Consort Red/Powder Blue Accent

Consort Red/Powder Blue Contrast

Consort Red/Seashell Accent

Consort Red/Seashell Contrast

Creme Light

Creme Light/Black Accent

Creme Light/Black Contrast

Creme Light/Consort Red Accent

Creme Light/Consort Red Contrast

Creme Light/Dark Spice Accent

Creme Light/Dark Spice Contrast

Creme Light/Fleet Blue Accent

Creme Light/Fleet Blue Contrast

Creme Light/Hotspur Red Accent

Creme Light/Hotspur Red Contrast

Creme Light/Moccasin Accent

Creme Light/Moccasin Contrast

Creme Light/Navy Blue Accent

Creme Light/Navy Blue Contrast

Creme Light/Pine Green Accent

Creme Light/Pine Green Contrast

Creme Light/Powder Blue Accent

Creme Light/Powder Blue Contrast

Creme Light/Tan Accent

Dark Spice

Dark Spice/Creme Light Accent

Dark Spice/Creme Light Contrast

Dark Spice/Hotspur Red Accent

Dark Spice/Hotspur Red Contrast

Dark Spice/Moccasin Accent

Dark Spice/Navy Blue Accent

Dark Spice/Navy Blue Contrast

Dark Spice/Seashell Accent

Dark Spice/Seashell Contrast

Fleet Blue

Fleet Blue/Creme Light Accent

Fleet Blue/Creme Light Contrast

Fleet Blue/Hotspur Red Accent

Fleet Blue/Hotspur Red Contrast

Fleet Blue/Moccasin Accent

Fleet Blue/Moccasin Contrast

Fleet Blue/Navy Blue Accent

Fleet Blue/Navy Blue Contrast

Fleet Blue/Powder Blue Accent

Fleet Blue/Powder Blue Contrast

Fleet Blue/Seashell Accent

Fleet Blue/Seashell Contrast

Hotspur Red

Hotspur Red/Black Accent

Hotspur Red/Black Contrast

Hotspur Red/Creme Light Accent

Hotspur Red/Creme Light Contrast

Hotspur Red/Dark Spice Accent

Hotspur Red/Dark Spice Contrast

Hotspur Red/Fleet Blue Accent

Hotspur Red/Fleet Blue Contrast

Hotspur Red/Moccasin Accent

Hotspur Red/Moccasin Contrast

Hotspur Red/Navy Blue Accent

Hotspur Red/Navy Blue Contrast

Hotspur Red/Pine Green Accent

Hotspur Red/Pine Green Contrast

Hotspur Red/Powder Blue Accent

Hotspur Red/Powder Blue Contrast

Hotspur Red/Seashell Accent

Hotspur Red/Seashell Contrast

Hotspur Red/Tan Accent


Moccasin/Black Accent

Moccasin/Black Contrast

Moccasin/Creme Light Accent

Moccasin/Creme Light Contrast

Moccasin/Dark Spice Accent

Moccasin/Dark Spice Contrast

Moccasin/Fleet Blue Accent

Moccasin/Fleet Blue Contrast

Moccasin/Hotspur Red Accent

Moccasin/Hotspur Red Contrast

Moccasin/Navy Blue Accent

Moccasin/Navy Blue Contrast

Moccasin/Pine Green Accent

Moccasin/Pine Green Contrast

Moccasin/Tan Accent

Navy Blue

Navy Blue/Consort Red Accent

Navy Blue/Consort Red Contrast

Navy Blue/Creme Light Accent

Navy Blue/Creme Light Contrast

Navy Blue/Dark Spice Accent

Navy Blue/Dark Spice Contrast

Navy Blue/Fleet Blue Accent

Navy Blue/Fleet Blue Contrast

Navy Blue/Hotspur Red Accent

Navy Blue/Hotspur Red Contrast

Navy Blue/Moccasin Accent

Navy Blue/Moccasin Contrast

Navy Blue/Powder Blue Accent

Navy Blue/Powder Blue Contrast

Navy Blue/Seashell Accent

Navy Blue/Seashell Contrast

Navy Blue/Tan Accent

Pine Green

Pine Green/Black Accent

Pine Green/Black Contrast

Pine Green/Creme Light Accent

Pine Green/Creme Light Contrast

Pine Green/Hotspur Red Accent

Pine Green/Hotspur Red Contrast

Pine Green/Moccasin Accent

Pine Green/Moccasin Contrast

Pine Green/Powder Blue Accent

Pine Green/Powder Blue Contrast

Pine Green/Seashell Accent

Pine Green/Seashell Contrast

Pine Green/Tan Accent

Powder Blue

Powder Blue/Black Accent

Powder Blue/Black Contrast

Powder Blue/Consort Red Accent

Powder Blue/Consort Red Contrast

Powder Blue/Creme Light Accent

Powder Blue/Creme Light Contrast

Powder Blue/Dark Spice Accent

Powder Blue/Dark Spice Contrast

Powder Blue/Fleet Blue Accent

Powder Blue/Fleet Blue Contrast

Powder Blue/Hotspur Red Accent

Powder Blue/Hotspur Red Contrast

Powder Blue/Navy Blue Accent

Powder Blue/Navy Blue Contrast

Powder Blue/Pine Green Accent

Powder Blue/Pine Green Contrast

Powder Blue/Seashell Accent

Powder Blue/Seashell Contrast


Seashell/Black Accent

Seashell/Black Contrast

Seashell/Consort Red Accent

Seashell/Consort Red Contrast

Seashell/Dark Spice Accent

Seashell/Dark Spice Contrast

Seashell/Fleet Blue Accent

Seashell/Fleet Blue Contrast

Seashell/Hotspur Red Accent

Seashell/Hotspur Red Contrast

Seashell/Navy Blue Accent

Seashell/Navy Blue Contrast

Seashell/Pine Green Accent

Seashell/Pine Green Contrast

Seashell/Powder Blue Accent

Seashell/Powder Blue Contrast

Seashell/Tan Accent


Tan/Black Contrast


Tan/Creme Light Contrast

Tan/Dark Spice Contrast

Tan/Dark Spice

Tan/Hotspur Red Contrast

Tan/Moccasin Contrast

Tan/Navy Blue Contrast

Tan/Navy Blue

Tan/Pine Green Contrast

Tan/Seashell Contrast

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