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The Smart brand is owned by Germany's Daimler and managed by subsidiary Mercedes-Benz, whose dealers sell the cars in the U.S. market. Smart currently markets one model, the two-seat ForTwo, which comes in hardtop and convertible forms. The smallest car in the U.S. market, the ForTwo is widely criticized for its fussy single-clutch automated manual transmission that can bog down and shift jerkily. For what it sacrifices in seats and space, its mileage is only so-so, and it prefers premium gas. Plans for a U.S.-market ForFour four-seater were scrapped, as was the European product itself, though Smart is working with its parent company to develop a battery-electric version that could bring new life to a brand that's been a consistent money loser and whose U.S. sales have dwindled since its initial splash.

Headquartered in Boblingen, Germany, Smart is owned by Daimler AG.

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