Automakers Continue to Sell New Cars With Defective Takata Inflators

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CARS.COM — The widespread Takata airbag inflator recall doesn’t just affect used cars already purchased by consumers. According to a U.S. Senate commerce committee report released today, several automakers are continuing to sell new cars with defective Takata airbag inflators that will eventually need to be recalled.

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The report named four automakers — Toyota, Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Mitsubishi – that are manufacturing new models with Takata inflators that don’t include a drying agent, a component said to lower the risk of rupture. Volkswagen told regulators that its 2016 CC as well as the 2016 TT and 2017 R8 from its Audi brand use airbag inflators without the drying agent. Mitsubishi also admitted that its 2016-2017 i-MiEV uses them, too. Toyota and FCA would not name specific models that use the riskier airbags.

Several other automakers are also still using Takata inflators, but they contain a drying agent, making them less susceptible to moisture and rupture. The report lists Honda, Nissan and Ford in that camp. 

Despite the fact that regulators have barred Takata from entering into any new contracts using the airbag inflators in question, automakers are still allowed to use the part for vehicles currently in production, so the ongoing cycle of recalls will continue. The report said that so far, 13 automakers have replaced more than 2.1 million older Takata airbags with newer versions that will also eventually need to be replaced.

Find out if your car is part of the Takata recall by checking your car’s vehicle identification number using the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s VIN tool.

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