Dodge Advertises Journalist Speeding Ticket

Earlier this month, an automotive journalist in Quebec was caught going 138 mph in a 62 mph zone. Both the journalist and police officer were driving the same car — a Dodge Charger SRT8 with a 425-hp Hemi engine. That said, the police cruiser’s flashing lights were one special option that led to the journalist getting a $985 ticket.

Dodge of Canada went ahead and decided to make lemonade out of the much-publicized event — Canadian newspapers apparently covered the incident heavily — with this ad extolling the performance of the SRT8.

A roulé vite, vite, vite. (Drove fast, fast, fast)
À vendre vite, vite, vite. (Sell fast, fast, fast)

And the bottom numbers are a telephone number. Of course they added a disclaimer that owners should only drive that fast on a track. Good idea.

Source: Dodge

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