2007 Detroit Auto Show: Last Round of Day 1

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I just returned to the media room from my last trip downstairs, where I found some more interesting tidbits between the scheduled press conferences.

There was finally time to shoot the Volt concept, complete with its plug hanging out the side, and I of course noticed a lot more slices of Detroit auto show life from paint colors to which concepts drew big crowds.

Can you guess the hot car color this year?

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Color of the year has to go to purple. Lincoln used it on the Navigator, above, and the MKZ sedan. Hyundai also used it on the Azera.

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The Ford concepts looked better in person, especially the Airstream.

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The Ford Interceptor concept drew a huge crowd as it readied itself for the trip to the podium. Hearing the E85-fueled V-8 live made me appreciate the car a lot more.

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Here’s another purple car, the Ford Edge.

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The big surprise of the day was the Chevy Volt and the masses of attention it got. Hours after it debuted, interviewers and crowds of onlookers still lingered.

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Few people seemed that interested in the Camaro Convertible concept. It looked lonely all dressed in orange.

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Even GM got in on the purple act, with the Australian brand Holden’s concept.

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Ford’s redesigned Focus sports an emblem that protrudes quite a bit from the grille.

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The Lincoln MKR concept could’ve used a purple paint job. In person, its red exterior looked pale. Not by comparison, just plain pale.

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Check it out: They finished the checker roof of that Mini from earlier.

OK, I’m a bit loopy from breathing recycled air and running on little sleep. There will be plenty of news coming later tonight, and even at the midnight hour. Make sure to check back.

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