2008 Detroit Auto Show: Mitsubishi Concept-RA

  • Looks like: It doesn’t know which way it's going
  • Defining characteristics: Porsche buttocks
  • Ridiculous features: Another concept with scissor doors — what year is it, 1989?
  • Chance of being mass-produced: 50/50; this could be a hint at the next Eclipse

Mitsubishi is using the Concept-RA to show off an intriguing engine. Yes, we also find it odd that it would go so over-the-top on the RA’s design if it just wanted to show off a potential new engine. It could’ve just thrown it under the hood of a regular Eclipse and been done, but no. The Concept-RA’s engine — under Plexiglas, no less — is a four-cylinder turbo-diesel with a ludicrous amount of torque — 301 pounds-feet, to be exact, to match 201 hp. There’s also all-wheel drive to add even more of a performance benefit. Fans have long begged for an all-wheel-drive Eclipse. Perhaps that will happen … eventually.

The turbo-diesel would get better mileage than a gasoline equivalent tuned for so much performance, and Mitsubishi uses a new catalytic converter system to make the engine 50-state compatible.

Forget scissor doors — just drop that baby into a Lancer and give us a call. More photos below.

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