Chicago Restaurant First to Use Solar-Electric Car for Deliveries

Everyone’s going green, or trying to, and with gas prices soaring, consumer awareness of environmentally friendly vehicles has never been higher. It’s not just the Regular Joe car buyer that needs to cut down on gas purchases. Shipping and catering businesses can increase their profit margins if they can harness fuel-efficient technology as well.

We should probably applaud Sopraffina Café in Chicago for being the first business that we know of to do so. Today, on Earth Day, the restaurant and electric car company Zap are launching a 100 percent solar-electric catering truck, the first of its kind — according to the two — designed to make deliveries in the downtown Chicago area where traffic congestion and tight roads make the notion of a tiny electric truck — it looks like some sort of abandoned futuristic rickshaw, or a mini-pizza delivery truck — viable. Unfortunately for Sopraffina, we too live in Chicago, and we’ll be the first to remind them that our winter — of the dreary, grey, overcast kind — lasts, oh, seven months. How that little truck will handle such little sunlight and the effects of bitterly cold weather could be fun to watch.

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