Filling Up a Ford With No Gas Cap

Ford is rolling out its new 2009 lineup, and most models are getting a gas-cap-less tank. Ford calls this “EasyFuel,” not to be confused with "FlexFuel," which means the car can run on E85. In fact, when I went to fill up a 2009 Ford Escape with the EasyFuel system, I saw Ford’s warning that E85 would not flow easily into the tank.

When I first heard about this idea, I thought, “Are people so lazy that they’ll want to skip screwing a gas cap on and off?” but then I also remembered that while I’ve never run out of gas, I have forgotten a gas cap on top of a pump more than once. My wife also pointed out how annoying it was to remember if you clicked your cap closed properly. Was I supposed to wait for one click or three?

The actual process of taking the pump in and out and placing it back on its hook with no other step seemed a bit wrong, though. Like I was forgetting something. I wonder how long that lasts if you own one?

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