Wireless Electronic Key Opens Car Doors From Phone

Cell phones do just about everything else these days, so why wouldn't they unlock the doors of your car and even start the engine?

That’s what Sharp figured when it partnered with Nissan and Japanese mobile company NTT DOCOMO to build a cell phone that can be programmed to control door locks and engines electronically. Sharp essentially put an existing piece of technology (Nissan's Intelligent Key) into a phone.

It seems like such a natural technological marriage I'm somewhat surprised the latest iPhone didn't include such a feature. According to Gizmodo, this integration was too long coming: "Hackers, the obscenely rich and the Chinese" have all apparently already had this idea. It should be available to U.S. drivers in early 2009.

Sharp Builds Wireless Electronic Car Keys Into a Phone, Finally (Gizmodo.com)

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