Ford to Give Away 100 Fiestas

Act quickly and you could get your hands on a Ford Fiesta before it even hits American shores…and you could get it for free.

As part of a marketing campaign, Ford will select 100 lucky individuals — regular people, mind you — to receive Fiestas and build hype around the small, fuel-efficient car that has done so well in Europe. But wait, there’s more: During the sixth-month period in which they get the car, those selected will not only get to drive a free Fiesta, but also enjoy free gas, insurance and concierge service.

Applicants must put together a 2-5 minute video explaining why they are worthy of a Fiesta. Fair warning: Once you have the car, Ford stipulates that you must be willing to participate in “monthly secret assignments from Ford Mission Control that will take you places you’ve never been.”

With only a hundred slots, the odds of getting one are thin, but go to the Fiesta website to learn how to sign up.

Ford Giving Away 100 Fiestas for Six Months (Autoblog)

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