2010 Mazda CX-9 Debuting at 2009 New York Auto Show

As we get closer to April’s New York auto show, we’re learning more about the few new arrivals scheduled for release. Over at the Mazda booth expect to see a new 2010 Mazdaspeed3, the updated 2010 CX-7 and a just announced 2010 CX-9.

While there isn’t much information on the new CX-9, Mazda does say it received an exterior/interior refresh and some new options and safety features. Judging from the single quarter-profile shot provided above, the CX-9’s exterior refresh amounts to some minor cosmetic surgery to the front lower lip. The result is probably the least successful transference of Mazda’s controversial “smile” design language to an existing model. Both the CX-7 and new MX-5 Miata look more natural sporting the new design element.

Mazda said the “zoom-zoom” driving characters were also improved on the CX-9, which probably means they dialed in the tuning a bit. As for interior enhancements, the CX-7 received higher quality materials and a new gauge cluster. Maybe something similar is in store for the CX-9, which already is quite luxurious inside. It won Cars.com’s Family Car of the Year in 2008, and its upscale interior was one reason it garnered the award. We’ll have more information on the changes when we travel to the New York auto show next month.

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