Sync Update With Turn-by-Turn Navigation Available Today

Owners of 2010 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles with Ford’s voice-activated Sync system now have an update available that will use drivers’ Bluetooth-enabled phones to access information for turn-by-turn navigation, as well as live traffic and news updates.

Available at no cost for the first three years, the application — called Traffic, Directions and Information — can be downloaded at starting today. Loading the application to a flash drive will allow users to plug the drive into Sync’s USB port, where the software will install.

In typical Sync fashion, the features can be activated with voice commands. Directions, traffic or news can be piped through the stereo’s speakers or sent to a phone via text message. Your phone doesn’t need to be equipped with GPS to make use of navigation, as a GPS receiver was included in all 2010 Ford models with Sync in anticipation of this update.

The application will eventually be standard on new Fords equipped with Sync, starting with the 2010 Ford Taurus to be released this summer. If you already own a 2010 vehicle with Sync, you likely don’t have this feature. No monthly fees have been settled on for after the first three years of free access are up.

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