U.S. Open Bound: Golf-Ball-Dimpled Lexus LS 460 L

At first look, this custom Lexus LS 460 L looks like it just has a corny paint job to tie it to the U.S. Open. Lexus is the official sponsor of this year's event and asked an entrepreneur to design the car based on a gimmicky mailbox with a golf ball skin.

Yes, that means this covering is truly dimpled. The reason golf balls are dimpled is to make them cut through the air more easily. Theoretically, such a design should also make a car more aerodynamic, but because this is an additional covering over a slick design that probably spent months in a wind tunnel, it's unlikely it will help this particular car.

Now, if Lexus started doing this to the sheet metal…

Dimpled Lexus LS 460L to Debut at U.S. Open (The Lexus Enthusiast via www.DanPerry.com)

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