Cash for Clunkers: You Guys Should Have Listened

After receiving the final numbers from the Cash For Clunkers program, we decided to see how our suggestions for replacement cars fared against what Americans bought in the program. Unfortunately, not well. Only two of the Top 10 cars bought with the government incentive were our picks: the Toyota Prius and the Ford Escape.

Even though the government offered to cut up to $4,500 from the selling price, it seems that our picks were a little too expensive to make the list. Our top five cars had an average MSRP of $19,050, while the top five cars the nation bought under the Clunkers program averaged around $15,900.

Although more expensive, the Prius seems to make up for its higher price with its fuel efficiency, boasting 48/45 mpg city/highway. At least we suggested the only SUV on the top 10 list, the Ford Excape scraped by at No. 10.

Editor’s Note: On her last day in the office, intern Lauren Makholm authored this post on’s Cash for Clunkers advice.

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