Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Toyota Camry

Share Tony from St. Paul, Minn., recently bought a new 2010 Toyota Camry. How does he feel about one of America’s most popular cars? No surprise here: Tony is a fan. Nevertheless, he finds some quirks and minor hiccups in one specific area that he’d like to see ironed out. Read this review — even if it’s just to witness the coinage of “torquey” — and then post your own review here. “This is a beautiful car. I have the SE version, and it’s very peppy. It seems a bit torquey at stop-and-go speeds (it doesn't seem to coast freely). But otherwise it has a quiet, smooth ride with plenty of pep when trying to get ahead of something at highway speeds. I am averaging 28 miles per gallon.

“The add-on Bluetooth module is a bit hard to work with as it does not integrate into the main audio system. The MP3-player integration is a bit clumsy because the auxiliary audio input and DC power outlet are in a little cubby in the front console. This is easy to hook into but makes controlling the player difficult.

“Overall, a geeky guy like me has to do some work to make the audio system work well for him, but the overall experience is excellent.”


Toyota Toyota Camry Reader Review of the Week


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