Celebrates Its 1000th Answer

For more than two years we've been busy answering your new-car questions at, and we recently answered our 1,000th question. Within those 1,000 questions we've covered areas like how to find the correct tire pressure for your car, pinpointed when that sought after new model is available and helped people find the right car for their needs.

There's no doubting we've received countless great questions. On the other hand, we've also had numerous oddball requests that aren't as easily answered. In honor of our 1,000th question, check out some of our favorite rejected questions submitted to

  • How many licks would it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll pop that I found on the floorboard of my Toyota Camry?  Would it make any difference if it was in a Honda?
  • Are there any cars available for celebrities to drive as demos for people who have been on the front cover of a major magazine?
  • What would happen if someone were to put a Snickers bar in a gas tank?
  • What speed do car salesmen use when they announce the car's mpg?
  • Will a cattle prod ruin a car's electronics?
  • Which models are the most popular with young women, ages 18-24?  
  • Should I be concerned if a wasp and its nest fell into my gas tank?
  • I can bought on credit car change at another dealer on another car.  
  • Why would anyone want to drive a little thing like a Prius? I have no problem getting 10 mpg in my muscle car or pickup. At least you can hear me and see me coming down the street.

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