GM, BMW Working on Cars That Know the Speed Limit

GM’s European unit Opel and BMW are working on cars that can recognize speed limits on any road and inform the driver.

Although this technology makes me vaguely think of my dad riding shotgun while I worked through my learner’s permit, it could be useful. No more speeding tickets when you drive into a new state and don’t notice it has lower speed limits.

The system is being tested in Europe where cars read traffic signs through digital signals and then display that information to the driver. The software still has some kinks, including problems reading digital signs, according to DriveOn’s Chris Woodyard.

GM says the system will eventually come to the U.S., but the sign recognition software will have to improve first. Until then, we’ll just have to rely on the patient voices of our fathers echoing in our heads — informing us that we're driving 2 mph over the posted speed limit.

Missed That Speed-Limit Sign? Your GM Car Could See It for You (DriveOn)


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