Chrysler, Jeep to Drop Hemi Name

The Hemi name — famously resurrected for the 21st century — will no longer be found on Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. While the 5.7-liter V-8 engine still will be called a Hemi in Dodge cars and Ram trucks, the badge won’t adorn the other brands. “That thing got a 5.7-liter?” probably won’t pop up in any ads, either.

Why the move? We’re not sure. It’s unlikely that many customers who would buy a V-8 engine care about any stigma associated with the Hemi name. It might just be something the automaker doesn't want highlighted on brands that are looking to distinguish their own pseudo-luxury charm — Chrysler — and off-road capability — Jeep.

Chrysler is also focusing its attention on a new V-6 engine that will be introduced for the 2011 model year.

Chrysler banishing Hemi engine name to Dodge, Ram (USA Today)

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