Reader Review of the Week: 2010 Chevrolet HHR

“Someone hit a minivan with a shrink ray,” is how our reader reviewer’s son described the 2010 Chevrolet HHR. Snrd0822 from Philadelphia seems to agree, calling out the HHR’s ample cargo room, passenger space and good gas mileage. It has its faults, though, such as poor visibility and ergonomics. Read the full review from Snrd0822 to find out how the HHR has fared with one year of ownership. Then write your own review here


“Someone hit a minivan with a shrink ray. That's what my son said about it when I brought it home, and I think he just about hit it. It has a lot of positive features of a minivan (cargo and passenger room, comfort) in a smaller size, which is easier to maneuver and park. This car has features I thought I'd never find together: fun looking, fun to drive, manual transmission, seats five with nobody's knees in their chest, cargo space (enough for most everyday needs), good gas mileage and very affordable (got a great deal when all the dealers were desperate). I've owned this car for a year and so far, no problems. My one complaint is the ergonomics could be better. The visibility is a bit of an issue. (Although I've never seen windows defrost so fast, which I think has to do with the angle and small size of the windshield.) The cupholders suck, not a problem for me because I have a short commute, but this could be an issue and surprises me coming from GM. Overall, though, I love this car!”


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