PickupTrucks.com Pits V-6 Pickups in 3-Way Shootout

Like Rodney Dangerfield, V-6 two-door pickup trucks get no respect: Over the past decade, almost all of the significant power, fuel economy and technical advances have been made to V-8-powered trucks. These changes have left regular cab, six-cylinder haulers in the dust — until now. PickupTrucks.com and USA Today recently tested the base engines that propel the anonymous two-door, short-bed fleet and work trucks you pass by every day. Mike Levine, Mark Williams and James Healey gathered three 2011 V-6 entry-level pickups from Ford, GMC and Ram for PickupTrucks.com’s first V-6 Light-Duty Work Truck Shootout.
Check out their stories and see which truck wound up in first place.

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