The Top 10 Least and Most Expensive Cars to Insure

What makes a car cheap or expensive to insure? It all comes down to what insurers call “loss history,” which is the total amount of money that an insurance company will have to pay out in the advent of a totaled vehicle.

It’s not surprising then to see more affordable family haulers on the least-expensive-to-insure list and, conversely, expensive SUVs, luxury cars and sports cars on the most-expensive rankings.

However, that’s not the whole story. According to InsWeb, an online insurance comparison provider, a model’s loss behavior doesn’t only have to do with how much it cost to repair a given model. It also has to do with the likelihood that the given model will be involved in an accident. InsWeb says model loss formulations factor in the history of past individuals who’ve driven the given model and have been involved in accidents. Again, it’s not surprising that cars like the Chevrolet Corvette and Cadillac Escalade are more prone to accidents due to their owners.

This does explain, however, why inexpensive subcompacts such as the Chevrolet Aveo or Nissan Versa aren’t on the least-expensive-to-insure list. Cheaper economy cars tend to be purchased by young drivers, who statistically are involved in more accidents thus increasing loss history.

Continue reading below to find out the top 10 least and most expensive cars to insure. 

10 least expensive vehicles to insure

1.   Kia Sedona 
2.   Mazda5 
3.   Ford Escape 
4.   Hyundai Santa Fe 
5.   Mercury Mariner 
6.   Chrysler PT Cruiser 
7.   Ford Explorer 
8.   Subaru Outback 
9.   Kia Optima 
10. Chevrolet Equinox 

10 most expensive vehicles to insure

1.  Acura ZDX 
2.  Audi TTS 
3.  Audi A5 
4.  Cadillac Escalade 
5.  Chevrolet Corvette 
6.  BMW Z4 
7.  Lexus SC 430 
8.  Jaguar XF 
9.  Cadillac STS 
10. Dodge Challenger

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