Hyundai Takes Dig at Competition Claiming 40 mpg

Hyundai has released a web video, titled “Save the Asterisks,” to bring to light that its 2011 Elantra compact sedan gets 40 mpg on the highway for every trim level sold unlike its competitors that only get the high highway mileage in certain trims.

The automaker is leveling the spot at Chevy’s Cruze Eco trim level and Ford’s Fiesta, which requires a special package to be added to certain trim levels with an automatic transmission. Ford’s consumer website, however, lists the mileage for all Fiestas as 40 mpg*.

Hyundai claims it will sell more Elantras in January 2011 than Chevy and Ford will sell of their 40-mpg-optioned trim levels for all of 2011.

It sounds like a bold claim, but we’re guessing Hyundai’s crunched some numbers on that. Check out the video above and tell us if the asterisks bother you or if you know to do your research when you see a commercial touting great mileage.

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