2011 Ford Edge, 2011 Lincoln MKX Interiors Up Close

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When Ford released images of its new MyFord Touch and MyLincoln Touch systems, it showed them set in the interiors of two new models set for release this summer, the 2011 Ford Edge and its Lincoln sibling, the MKX.

We expect both to get minimal cosmetic surgery on the outside, but it seems they get significant upgrades inside. Below are up-close images and some descriptions.

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2011 Ford Edge
A new three-spoke steering wheel appears to get dual thumb pads for using the MyFord Touch system and a shiny silver trim that is repeated on the center stack and door handles.

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An optional Sony sound system replaces the twin-knob style with one large knob in the center for stereo controls, and climate controls bumper out to the sides and bottom of the panel.

Here’s what the old and new interiors look like side by side. 

2011 Ford Edge

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2010 Ford Edge

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2011 Lincoln MKX


Like in the Edge, Lincoln replaces its rectangular four-spoke steering wheel with a triangle wedge. A bronze or silver metallic finish seem to be available.


The doors get a similar grab handle treatment and new stitching and wood as well.

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The shifter is changed, but the current MKX already featured a single, flowing center stack.


MyLincoln Touch is different from the Ford system. There are slide controls for the volume and vent power instead of traditional knobs. This makes it look a little more space age than the Ford.

The 2010 and 2011 interiors can be compared below.

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