Google First to Install Wireless EV Chargers

Like smartphones, inductive charging is coming to the nascent electric car market and Google is on the forefront of using the technology. The company announced it is the first to use a new type of wireless charging, which will be installed at the internet company’s Mountain View, Calif., headquarters.

The stations, called Plugless Power, use inductive power transfer to wirelessly transmit energy from the grid to the electric car’s battery pack.

Unfortunately, your Chevrolet Volt, Tesla or Nissan Leaf won’t work with the wireless charging stations right off the bat. If you want to utilize the convenience tool, you’ll have to pay up for the adapter, but the company doesn’t reveal the cost.

It’s certainly more convenient than having to plug in your EV, but inductive charging isn’t as efficient. The company expects a less than 10% efficiency loss with wireless charging.

Google has multiple low-speed electric vehicles for use around its campus, and the company is in the process of retrofitting one of those vehicles with inductive adapters.

The Evatran, maker of the Plugless Power stations, plans on bringing the technology to the mass market by 2012.

Google Installs Wireless EV Charging Station (Autopia)

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