Gas Prices Tick Up Before Fourth of July

If you’re traveling through the heartland this weekend, prepare to pay more for a gallon of gas.

Relief at the gas pump has been a welcome sight recently as prices have fallen from an average high of nearly $4 a gallon to $3.54 nationally yesterday, according to AAA. But the impending holiday weekend and region-specific ethanol blends are sending prices soaring for the middle of the country.

That forced the national average up overnight by one cent to $3.55 a gallon, with many areas are reporting greater increases.

Louisville and Lexington, Ky., are hurting with gas prices up overnight 10 and nine cents, respectively. Milwaukee saw prices shoot up seven cents overnight. Indianapolis is up six cents from yesterday.

Most of the country isn’t seeing a similar shift. Vacation spots in Florida are still trending down for cities like Orlando and Miami. California, usually a location for high prices, is still seeing a modest decline in gas prices.

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