Wait, That's Not a 2013 Subaru Legacy

Upon unlocking the 2013 Subaru Legacy and stepping inside, a startup graphic materializes on the information display between the speedometer and tachometer to welcome drivers to Subaru's midsize sedan. I stared at the graphic dozens of times before realizing — wait a second — that's not the Legacy I'm driving. The graphic shows a much cooler-looking vehicle.

The mystery graphic also doesn't reflect a previous-generation Legacy or anything else in Subaru's 2013 lineup. In fact, the design shows off a chiseled appearance, more prominent front fenders and wide stance. What is this car? Did the next-generation Legacy accidentally get programmed into the 2013? It looks a lot more interesting than the 2013 Legacy I was driving.

A quick inquiry to Subaru dashed any hope of the mean graphic being a real car. A Subaru representative says the graphic is stylized based on the Legacy concept and meant to highlight its design features, including the grille and hawk-eye headlight design.

Bummer. At least we can hope the next-generation Legacy takes inspiration from this graphic instead of evolving from the somewhat awkward design of the current one.

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